First: Build an Asset Inventory. Organize asset and liability data all in one place.

Divi can help you...
  • Guide your interview with a client, recording assets and liabilities into standardized or customized categories such as Real Property, Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, and more.
  • Remind you to inquire about and record key information about assets and liabilities, such as title and source of information.
  • Help you keep one central repository for asset and liability information in a case, so when a client or opposing party provides information, you always know where to keep it.
  • Separate Pre-Tax from Post-Tax assets so you don't accidentally offset apples with oranges.

Next: Create Distribution Scenarios.

Divi can help you...
  • Distribute assets and liabilities between the parties to reflect potential settlement or trial outcomes.
  • Calculate equalization payments or enter lump sum payments to adjust the distribution of pre-tax assets, post-tax assets, and liabilities.
  • Distribute each item quickly using shortcut buttons.
  • Or, take your time and type in a percentage or dollar amount of that item for each party, and let Divi's validation testing tell you if you have an error in your math.

Finally: Generate Reports.Divi generates easy-to-read, print-ready, Excel-based reports.

Inventory Report

Shows key information on each asset and liability in the family.

  • Verify with your client that you have captured all of the family's assets and liabilities.
  • Share with opposing counsel to collaborate on compiling family information or creating joint property statements.
  • Download an example asset inventory.

    Distribution Scenario Report

  • Illustrate one or more settlement and trial scenarios to your client opposing counsel, or a mediator.
  • Advocate for your client by showing the equities or inequities resulting from various positions.
  • Create impressive demonstrative exhibits for trial.
  • Download an example scenario report.

    Scenario Comparison Report

    The scenario comparison export illustrates the similarities and differences between each party's ending position in various scenarios.

    Download an example scenario comparison export.