Divi is family law software to organize your clients' asset information effectively.

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Catalog the family's assets and liabilities in a single location, so partners, associates, and paralegals are on the same page and you always know where to find the information you need.

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Distribute assets and liabilities and add lump sum payments to create, compare, and save settlement and litigation scenarios.

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Export inventories and scenarios in an easy-to-read, standardized format to share with clients, collaborators, opponents, and judges.

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Manage. Keep asset and liability information in one place.

As you build your case, keep track of the family's assets and liabilities in a single inventory so that you are prepared for settlement, trial, or a call from your client. Annotate each asset or liability with key information, such as title, value, and source of information.

Analyze. Distribute assets and liabilities to create scenarios.

Study potential case outcomes by allocating assets and liabilities between the parties and adding equalization or other lump sum payments. Visualize where each party will be financially under competing proposals or following likely court outcomes.

Share. Create organized, print-ready reports.

Help your client, opposing counsel, mediator, or judge conceptualize what a particular equitable distribution will mean for each party.

Some images used thanks to RRZEicons [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons